A German shepherd named Diesel is credited with capturing a man who jumped a turnstile at the 14th Street A/C/E subway station.

The 39-year-old suspect, who hopped the turnstile Wednesday around 6:50 p.m., was immediately pursued by a 22-year-old female transit officer. According to the Daily News, the officer initially apprehended the suspect, and was escorting him out of the station when he suddenly retaliated, throwing her to the ground. His shirt and baseball cap, however, were torn from his body during the ensuing scuffle, and he sprinted out of the station.

Officers arrived at the scene and ordered Diesel to smell the discarded items and track the scent, which the pooch followed across Eighth Avenue to a side entrance to the Dream Hotel. Police found the suspect hiding under a metal concrete mixing bin amid some construction.

The transit officer suffered minor injuries and was taken to Bellevue Hospital. The suspect has been charged with theft of service, resisting arrest, criminal trespass and obstructing governmental administration.