Meet the Mess! Francisco Rodriguez, the Amazin's' closer, was suspended for two games and arraigned on third-degree assault charges for allegedly attacking his girlfriend's father at Citi Field last night. Plus orders of protection were issued for girlfriend Daina (or Diane?) Pena and her father Carlos. The judge allowed Rodriguez to go back to his Long Island home—but only to retrieve his belongings with the police present.

The prosecution said K-Rod had "a history of violence" and his family was "very concerned" about his returning home and wanted bail set at $5,000, but Newsday reports that his attorney pointed out that Rodriguez was not a flight risk, given his job, "If the Mets are playing... all you have to do is look in the bullpen," so no bail was set.

The criminal complaint says that Pena told police that Rodriguez entered the Family Lounge. He "instructed her to step outside to the hallway... the defendant told her to bring her father out into the hallway, and that thereafter she observed the defendant pin her father against the wall, and punch her father multiple times in the face and head." The Daily News' sources say there were "ongoing" tension between Carlos Pena and Rodriguez and the pitcher claims the 53-year-old threw the first punch. The Post claims that the fight started because Carlos Pena told K-Rod stop talking down to his daughter, "You can't talk to my daughter that way."

Mets owner Jeff Wilpon said, "Ownership and the organization are very disappointed in Francisco's inappropriate behavior and we take this matter very seriously." And Jose Reyes said his wife and daughter saw the altercation, "You don’t want to see that, especially at the ballpark. Guess something happened there. Don’t know what the problem was. It's disappointing." K-Rod is next due in court on September 14.