Since the Mets' season is effectively over, pitcher Francisco Rodriguez headed to court today to surrender on charges of violating an order of protection for his girlfriend. See, a judge orders you not to contact your girlfriend after (allegedly) punching her dad, contact includes text messages like "Your parents are manipulating you like a marionette."

All told, K-Rod sent 56 messages to Daian Pena ("Thank you for sinking me turning your back, take good care of my children... and now I see that your were with me because of the money to see that your family" and "Daian, I understand that perhaps I made a mistake, the biggest mistake of my life for doing what I did but I love you"). Last week, prosecutors said some messages were aggressive; his lawyer said that K-Rod is "unsophisticated" and didn't realize that the order of protection meant absolutely no contact at all, "There are no threats. There are no menacing comments. He professes his love to the mother of his children."

Today, Rodriguez posted the $7,500 bail and left court. There's a new order of protection for Pena.