2007_01_bottleservice.jpgAs if bottle service nightclubs wasn't fancy enough: amNY reports that City Councilwoman Melinda Katz is proposes that nightclubs should have waiters pour drinks for those with bottle service at nightclubs. Katz says this would be a way to keep people from drinking too much and underage drinking. Hmm, what about drink stealing? Or people buying drinks for others? And restaurants won't have to worry - this proposal would only affect nightclubs.

Originally, the City Council considered completely banning bottle service, which is the somehow acceptable practice of nightclubs charging in the hundreds for bottles of alcohol you'd usually pay $20-30 for at the liquor store. Naturally, the New York Nightlife Association opposed that and Katz offered this amended proposal, which the NYNA still doesn't like. NYNA spokesman Robert Bookman saying, "If you station a waitress at every table then that is the end of bottle service and that is the end of a lot of nightclubs."

New York magazine had an amusing history of bottle service: 1993, VIP Treatment: To promote a “small,” 200-person VIP section of the Tunnel, Jeffrey Jah and Mark Baker offer bottle service at $90. With drinks at $6, customers actually save about $30.