Note to self: think twice about running the air conditioner all summer long--and definitely scratch plans to purchase a plant light to help those herb seeds along. Gothamist is flummoxed at the Carlsbad, California police department's recent raid of a family home, where the purported marijuana-growers were doing nothing more than running the typical insane amount of appliances any normal suburban family does on a given day. Though they had planned a non-intrusive "fancy aerial infra-red surveillance" to confirm their suspicions, bad weather forced the officers to revert to the old battering ram. (Luckily Dina Dagy came home from work to let the cops inside.)

The Dagys' utility records were subpoenaed when other evidence, like putting their trash out the morning of the pick-up day, instead of at night, began to mount. (Cue creepy music.) Gothamist has to wonder what would have happened if the Dagys lived in New York City. With Con Ed "estimating" how much energy you use nearly every month, their sinister actions may have gone totally unnoticed. Three loads of laundry a day? Gothamist recommends the Dagys go the drop-off route. And as for the trash situation...Gothamist is hoping that the new, more frequent recycling schedule will keep garbage out of our already overcrowded apartment. But if it stinks, it's in the can--morning, noon or night.