Hooray for Georgette Clemons, a literally newlywed bride and hero. The Connecticut Post reports that Clemons was being driven to her wedding reception with groom Charles Clemons when she spotted a North End home on fire yesterday afternoon in Bridgeport, CT. She yelled at the car's driver to stop and headed to the house—"charging through the thick curtain of smoke in a wedding dress." The car's driver said, "I don't know what she was thinking, she had just got married." Clemons yelled for the home's occupants to get out and eventually headed in, "The woman was yelling about her animals and didn't want to get out so I had to pull her out." The home's residents, including humans, two dogs and two ferrets, made it out and Clemons also warned neighbors. Though her dress is blackened from the smoke and her "shoes got messed up," Clemons told the CP, "What are you going to do? At least the people are OK."