accuwx_jet0303.jpgDoes anyone recall the weather we had on New Year's Day? If you don't, Gothamist will remind you that our high temperature that day was 60 degrees. It was followed by three more days with temperatures in the 50s. Ah, those were the days...

It is typical for winter to have more extremes in temperature than summer but this is ridiculous. The temperatures for today are below normal formid-January. There's no let up in sight, either. Today will be the coldest day, but our weather should remain unseasonably cold for the next week or longer. The culprit for this cold weather is a dramatic change in the large-scale circulation of the atmosphere that took place a couple of weeks ago (more tomorrow!).

At least we have the sun working for us. If you can stay in the sun and out of the wind you can avoid the brunt of the chill.

Image of the cold jet stream from