Falcon/hawk? I saw on 86th and 3rd eating what looks to be a pigeon. He did not care at all about all the people around him taking pictures

from r/nyc

Here I am, finally tearing into my meal, my sky rat, and now here you come with your Eye Box and leering with what's that? Disgust? Horror? You think this is amusing? Something to "share" on r/omgbirds?

Let me tell you something [spits out mouthful of feathers] I don't come into your home and judge you while you absolutely destroy some ham, although as a falcon, I could. I fuckin' could. I could perch on the decorative moulding outside your window and watch you like a goddamn hawk. Yeah, I know hawks. Hell, I could come barreling through the glass if I wanted to, make it real LOUD and DISTRACTING for you in there. Make it real hard to digest your kill. You think I care? Are you feeling strong today, friend? Are you feeling fast? Then why don't you just shut up looking at me so I can eat this pigeon in peace.