2007_01_flawedflawless.jpgThe Politcker has been excerpting some parts of the new oral biography of Rudy Giuliani, Giuliani: Flawed or Flawless. The Reverend Al Sharpton had a lot to say about Rudy's chances for President and likens him to the Wizard of Oz, but we've decided to go for the cheap laugh and draw your attention to this "first impression" of the former mayor:

Jay Goldberg, an attorney who represented several clients prosecuted by Giuliani in 1988:

"It was the comb-over! I said to myself, Why couldn't his wife tell him how stupid that is? So he's bald. I'm happy that he's "listened" to me [Mr. Giuliani has abandoned his comb-over for a more conventional style.] Now his only impediment is a speech defect, his lisp."

Fun fact: Former public advocate Mark Green lived on the floor below Giuliani in the 1980s.

We wonder how Rudy's fund-raising is going. And somewhat related, we saw a John McCain presidential campaign online ad (asking for people to join the team) on the Daily News website.