Oh, great! Crazy spiders aren't just invading the Natural History Museum—seems the mild winter and steamy summer has brought them out in force in the five boroughs, too. "Just be aware that the Black Widow spider is around," a spider exterminator tells CBS. "It can be dangerous."

But before you freak out too much—OMG, black widows! the most venomous North American spider!—note that the mate-killing arachnid typically will only bite a human in self-defense. So just don't step on them! Plus, its bite is very rarely fatal for healthy adults—though it can certainly make a person quite sick (and children, seniors and those with weak immune systems are more at risk). The tiny bugger's bite doesn't feel like much more than a pinprick but after a few hours you'll probably notice "slight swelling and faint red marks. Within a few hours, though, intense pain and stiffness begin."

Notice a black widow in or near your apartment? You probably want to call a professional to help remove it. But otherwise, we personally have no problem with an increase in our eight-legged friends around town. Because you know what more spiders mean? Fewer mosquitoes.