Amtrak is planning to close multiple tracks at Penn Station this summer for much-needed maintenance, which will cause "significant service impacts" for beleaguered commuters. Maybe they can take this opportunity to fix the pipes while they're at it, because it looks like some of them broke at Penn Station this morning, sending water—and possibly other materials—through the ceiling onto a concourse.

There's a metaphor in here about the state of Penn Station. Squint and you'll see!

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Witness Daniel Schutzsmith, whose subway commute to the office takes him through Penn Station, said that when he saw the leak this morning just after 9:30 a.m., "It smelled like stagnant water. Like a pond." After seeing the first video above, he said, "Whoa, looks like it got worse."

Amtrak, which owns and operates Penn Station, confirmed they are working on a ceiling leak.

Update: Daniel Goodwin, who filmed the footage in the first video, told us, "It just smelled like poop or rather sewage water. It was brownish but that could’ve been from rust or debris. As I was walking by a custodian said out loud that it smelled like sewage water—I imagine he has a better nose for these things than I—and was telling other passers-by. You could smell it by the 1/2/3 subway entrance."

Goodwin has been commuting to Penn Station via NJ Transit for 10 years. He added, "Before I could start recording a part of the ceiling tile fell near the guys on the platform."