2006_01_patakistate.jpgIt was a day many New Yorkers have been waiting for: Governor George Pataki gave his last state of the state address. There were a couple of proposals that sound good - tax cuts, more focus on stopping crime, more support for education, some environmental initiatives, eliminating CUNY and SUNY tuitions for math/science majors who will teach in NY - thanks in part to a projected $2 billion budget surplus. The big thing is that the speech seemed tailor-made for primary voters in Iowa, with a mention of cutting down on NY state's dependence on "foreign oil" and bringing ethanol refineries. Gothamist just wants Pataki to ramp up development at the World Trade Center site (or let Bloomberg take the reins) and to support more of the city's plans. We're dreamers, we know.

However, Mayor Bloomberg didn't seem too thrilled with the idea of tax cuts, saying he rather the budget surplus go towards the billions the state owes the city for public schools. The NY Times noted Pataki's ambitions beyond NY State (mentioning two big tax issues Republicans are concerned with), while trying to tread the line with both parties of NY politicians, and the Daily News has a summary of some of the big issues mentioned. And in you please, the Governor's State of the State is available to watch or read in many forms.