Stephanie Adams—former Playboy Playmate, former lesbian, possible descendant of John Adams, astrologist, regular litigant, and much, much more—was awarded a massive $1.2 million payout from a jury yesterday for injuries she says she suffered after a 2006 incident with the police. That is $385,000 more than the former playmate's lawyer was looking for.

"I was praying for justice and waited six years to speak my truth in court and I’m very grateful for the closure and the healing," said Adams, who was the first lesbian playmate, but is now a mother of one, married to a man. Before Miss November 1992 starts counting her pennies though, the city has 45 days to appeal the case if it chooses. And the city Law Department can (and likely will) ask the judge to reduce the payout or overturn the jury's verdict.

So, what exactly happened all those years ago? Let's go back and look at what Stephanie told us back in 2006:

What started off as a night of celebration for my stylist's birthday, ended up one of my biggest nightmares. Thursday, May 25, 2006 at approximately 10:42pm, I was assaulted by a New York City taxi driver (Medallion # 2J70) and called 911. He realized that I called 911 to make a truthful complaint about him, and in return, he called 911 and falsely reported that I had a gun and threatened to kill him.

When I realized that he made a false report, I immediately let the lady from 911 know that he was lying and she even had a chance to hear him screaming at me before he dialed 911 and made the false report.

I stepped away from him while I was on the phone with the lady from 911 and waited for help to arrive. I walked across the street and hoped that the people I knew from the precinct would show up fast. Expecting to have the police show up and help me, I received just the opposite and ended up being assaulted by members of the NYPD.

***(Note: I mentioned the name of my ex girlfriend who works in a higher position with the NYPD than they do, and soon after I mentioned her name, they brutalized me.)***

In court Adams and her lawyer, Sanford Rubenstein, kept with that story and managed to get the Sergent John Rajan to acknowledge that while he made a "controlled drop to the ground" to subdue the centerfold and did so because "We didn’t know if she had a firearm," that didn't make much sense, as she "was wearing tight-fitting clothing, and there was no place to conceal a weapon."

It took the jury 8 1/2 hours of deliberation to award Adams her payday, which her lawyer took as a sign regarding the state of police brutality in NYC. "This jury verdict demonstrates that there is a serious problem in this city regarding excessive use of force of our police against ordinary citizens. This must be addressed by the appropriate city officials," he said.

Meanwhile, if you want to read more about Ms. Adams and her many activities, her "books" on astrology are something else and, for the legal eagles out there, try out this website which followed a very strange defamation lawsuit Adams filed (and eventually dropped) against a New York blogger, James Poling, way back in 2006 that tied into the same lawsuit she won this week (Full disclosure: my late father represented Poling). Especially fun are the pages and pages and pages of questions that Adams simply refused to answer, including "Have you ever been banned from performing editing at Wikipedia?" and "Have you ever represented yourself as a 'Psychic Egyptian Healer?' If so, are you Egyptian in fact?"