2007_03_taubhouse.jpgApparently, putting a wall in the middle of your home because you hate your spouse so much isn't enough to convince a jury you should be granted a divorce. A jury told Chana and Simon Taub, a Borough Park couple who were squabbling over a separation and divorce to the point where Simon Taub, who refused to move out of their plush home, built a wall in the middle in the December, they couldn't separate.

According to the Daily News, Chana Taub had requested a jury trial because "she thought she would get a fairer hearing." She said that Simon Taub abused her and their children testified against him. Both Taubs were shocked with the Tuesday evening verdict: Simon Taub said, "There is a God. God is great," while Chana Taub said, "I didn't think I was hearing it right." And, yes, the Taubs also voiced concerns the other was trying to kill him/her:

"I'm scared. She could be hiring a hit man," said Simon Taub, 58, a millionaire sweater mogul.

"I'm very scared," said Chana Taub, 57. "He's told people he's going to get rid of me."

The Taubs want to get a divorce, but the big issue seems to be how the assets are divided. Chana Taub wants an "equitable distribution" of their fortune, but Simon Taub doesn't want to give up that much (or submit to claims that he abused her). And yesterday, Chana Taub went to tell a judge her husband punched her in the right eye while Simon Taub went to get an order of protection from her.

Photograph of Simon Taub in the divided house by Seth Wenig/AP