2007_01_busshelter2.jpgSince we've still got the old bus shelters in our neighborhood, we were interested in the rider reactions to the new shelters article in the NY Times City section.

The new shelters started to be installed late last month, and there are 10 new steel shelters in each borough so far. By 2011, there will be 3300 new shelters. Some riders had some suggestions about placement of bus schedules, while others wondered if there will be eventually be benches (there will be for 3,255 shelters - the materials just haven't come in yet). But a rider Boerum Hill rider had some thoughts about the stainless-steel port frame and tempered glass structure: "I think it makes it a little bit mall culture-ish. But I like it.” Well, stainless steel and lots of glass is pretty rampant in most new construction, so maybe Manhattan is just becoming a mall.

If anyone has seen the new shelter, tell us what you think. And later this year, outdoor company Cemusa will start to replace newsstands and build the new public toilets.