We know that jury duty seems like a drag, but are people that bored that they need to pleasure themselves to keep it interesting? Thirty-eight year old Edwin Ng was on a grand jury at the Brooklyn federal courthouse, but he decided to attend to some personal business during the trial: He was arrested for public lewdness and destruction of government property (he, uh, left something on the carpet) after a courthouse employee saw him fondling himself in the second floor jury reception room. The Daily News says the juror was on a break (we should hope so!) and that it's unclear how it'll affect the grand jury. Well, that's what alternate jurors are for, right? Hilariously, the area where Ng was sitting was "cordoned with yellow police tape" - total crime scene!

Ng could face up to a year in prison and fine, but we're sure the prosecutors will agree to plea, lest Ng get too comfy in a courthouse again.