With the job market remaining stagnant, more unemployed New Yorkers are volunteering for jury duty. "People are calling up, saying, 'Look, I lost my job; now would be a good time for me to serve,'" Vincent Homenick, chief clerk of the jury division for Manhattan, told the Post. "Not that $40 will pay the bills, but it's something." The unemployed aren't the only New Yorkers eager to get into the courthouse — a group of seniors dubbed "junkies for justice" travel across the city to attend the most interesting trials. Legal enthusiasts like Benjamin Rosen, 95, would rather spend their days watching real life episodes of Matlock "than watching TV soaps or playing bridge," the paper notes. "There's tension in the air," said Rosen. "It's like seeing an action movie. I like to decipher what's lies and what's true. And the courtroom is very nice and air-conditioned in the summer."