James McMillan Jr. was paralyzed in the 2003 Staten Island Ferry crash and now requires round-the-clock care for his extensive injuries. He sued the city for damages and, yesterday, a jury awarded him $22.9 million--the largest award yet. Per the Staten Island Advance, the amount breaks down to "$10.3 million for future medical expenses, $7.36 million for future pain and suffering, $4.6 million for past pain and suffering and $685,169 for past medical expenses." However, McMillan may not get all of it, as a panel will determine the final amount. The city, which tried to argue that McMillan deserved less money since he would die sooner, said the award was excessive, though the incident was tragic. McMillan's lawyer said his client was happy, "He'll be able to afford much of the medical care he needs, and I'm happy a jury recognizes his entitlement to it."