Yesterday, a federal judge called a mistrial in a liability lawsuit, because the jurors were fighting! The case, heard at the U.S. District Court in Manhattan, centered around accusations that Merck's Fosamax causes severe dental and jaw problems. Juror Theresa Ciccone had decided against Merck; she tells the Post, "There were e-mails that Merck knew about these effects since 1999 and they weren't putting any warnings on the drugs. On the first day of deliberations, [the other jurors] were sure Merck was right. To them, Merck was gold. Merck was God." After more than a week of deliberating, Ciccone stuck to her guns and then one threw a chair, but she isn't mad at him, "He was one of the more reasonable guys. He was a young father who was afraid to lose his business because it was taking so long." Still, a female juror said to her, "Oh, I'm going to punch you in the head." Ciccone says one juror didn't even read the evidence, while the other jurors said she was holding things up because she didn't understand the evidence. The jury's forewoman told the Daily News, "All hell broke loose. There was a lot of verbal abuse. People calling each other stupid and crazy. It was childish. ... I don't want to do jury duty for at least another 20 years." You can see the letters from the jurors here.