Ruth Jordan speaks with Dan Rather

The most famous juror ever, Ruth Barrett Jordan, is working her PR machine: Chatting with Times reporter Andrew Ross Sorkin and sitting for an interview to air on 60 Minutes II tonight, all in order to tell her side of the story. Which is that she's not crazy, not rich, never made the okay sign, never flirted with Dennis Kozlowski (ew). Her case for being a normal "Just like you or your grandmother" New Yorker:
- Takes advantage of senior citizen's half fare on the subway
- Lives in a rent-stabilized apartment
- Does tip apartment building employees during the holidays
- Is opinionated
Jordan also puts the screws to the prosecution's crappy presentation. In retrospect, Gothamist is mad at the prosecution for not doing a good job - they better do it right next time around. And upon closer look, maybe Jordan should be played by Elaine Stritch.