Is anyone else in allergy hell this week? Here at Gothamist HQ, our eyes are so puffy we can barely make out these words as we type! Our sneezes have taken on the quality of machine-gun fire, and our cat has become so fed up with our constant accusations of being responsible for the misery that he's fled for friendlier environs (the kitchen.) Thankfully, all of this stuff isn't just in our heads. Newsday reports:

In its 2006 Spring Allergy Capital rankings, the AAFA ranks New York City as the 11th worst place to live for allergy sufferers. Last year, the city ranked 88th.

"The Northeast is catching up rapidly to the South, which is traditionally the allergy capital," said Dr. Wellington S. Tichenor, an allergy and asthma specialist who practices in Manhattan and runs www.sinuses.com. "Typically, the more intense the winter is, the less intense the allergies are going to be, and we've been having some fairly mild winters."

Our antidote? Constant douching with nasal saline sprays, hourly Afrin snorting, and honest prayer. Any other suggestions for allergy remedies?