Yesterday we broke the gag-inducing news that Junior's in Downtown Brooklyn was now adorning their famous cheesecakes with some real life mice, after photos of the vermin brushing up against their desserts appeared on the Brooklynian message board over the weekend.

The photos spread all the way to the tabloids, and the attention urged a statement out of the owner, Alan Rosen, who said: "As soon as this isolated incident was brought to our attention on Sunday, we took immediate action to determine the cause. It was addressed professionally, and I can assure you the problem is being fully remediated." Guess the company trained their customer service team to play dumb, because a call to their HQ yesterday resulted in this canned statement, on repeat: "this is the first time we're hearing about a rodent problem."

NY1 reports that a "spokesperson for the DOH says inspectors found evidence of mice in non-food areas and have issued violations. They're conducting a re-inspection tomorrow."