2006_10_jrhigh.jpgIf you were wondering what caused a bunch of Queens junior high students to stampede during the school day (terror threat? sulfur-smelling science wing? bad selection at the cafeteria?) and cause a bunch of injuries, worry no more. WABC 7 explains it all:

The Department of Education tells Eyewitness News the students had just left the cafeteria at JHS 190 in Forest Hills when someone behind them yelled "PUSH!" That sent another group of students surging forward on the staircase. Some of the students lost their balance, fell to the ground and were trampled.

Kids today! If one friend tells them, jump off the Brooklyn Bridge, they probably would!

Two students were taken to the hospital for minor injuries (possible mild concussion, breathing issues) while others with cuts and bruises were treated at the scene. No word on disciplinary action for the pranksters, but our bad-idea-jeans suggestion is that the prank should be re-enacted, with the pranksters at the bottom of the stairs and the injured kids at the top. Fair is fair!