Could the fourth time be another charm? The jury deliberating the fate of John Gotti Jr.—whose past three federal trials have ended in mistrialssent a note to Judge Kevin Castel yesterday reading, "We are unable to reach a verdict." Castel told the group to keep deliberating at first, but then sent them home for the weekend.

Castel said, "My advice to you is to try not to think about the case ... and to return rested and refreshed." The trial, which has the prosecutors accusing Gotti of racketeering and murder, has been going on for two months and has included juror drama and a freakout from Gotti's mom Victoria. His sister Victoria gave her thoughts on the jury's note to the Daily News, "It's not a bad thing by any means. I just know the jury is working very very hard. I just pray the jury is as fair as they've been, and they stand on principal."