In this latest round, it's federal prosecutors 0, and John Gotti Jr. 1. A federal judge denied the feds's attempt to try Gotti in Florida and ordered the trial be moved to NYC. Judge Steven Merryday said the case, which includes three murder charges, against the supposed Gambino crime family boss is "unmistakably the same" as the, um, three trials Gotti went through in Manhattan in 2005 and 2006. Those NYC trials ended in mistrial, and the feds were hoping that a change of turf to Florida could change their luck. The feds had no comment, but Gotti's mother groused to the Daily News, "They can't find Osama Bin Laden but a Gotti at any given moment is a sure thing. ... The bruised egos from three hung juries will ensure [my son] will never, ever live his life in peace again."