2005_09_sliwamistrial.jpgAfter being told to keep working through their impasse, the jury for the trial of John Gotti Jr. told the judge they reached a deadlock, and Judge Shira Scheindlin declared a mistrial. Gotti, son of the infamous John Gotti, was acquitted of racketerring charges but jurors didn't know what to make of kidnapping charges - the kidnapping in question being of Guardian Angels founder Curtis Sliwa (when jurors heard testimony of the kidnapping, they were laughing); Gotti and his lawyer were stunned and cried - who says mob men don't show their emotions? Sliwa, who testified against Gotti, says, "I am a dead man walking." Probably, but Gothamist imagines the feds will try to half-heartedly protect him. And Gotti can't be so stupid as to try to put out another hit on him...can he?

Though Gotti might be released on $5 million bail as soon as next week (Mama Gotti said, "They've given me my son back!"), Judge Scheindlin says the federal prosecutors can appeal the ruling. Some of Gotti's associates were acquitted, but, most dramatically, when Louis Mariani was found guilty of fraud, his aunt fainted and had to be carried out; here's a courtroom sketch of the aunt being carried out.

Photograph from Agence France-Press