Well, it had to happen sometime: John Gotti Jr., currently on trial for the fourth time for racketeering, had a meltdown in court yesterday, yelling at a star prosecution witness and former mobster. The Post reports the Teflon Don's son shouted to John Alite during a break, "You’re a dog! You’re a dog! Did I kill little girls, you fag? You’re a punk. You’re a dog all your life — you always were. Do I strangle little girls in motels?"

Apparently Alite was being led out from the courtroom when Gotti ranted: "Marshals saw Gotti mouth 'I’ll kill you,' to Alite as he was being led out, according to prosecutors. That led Alite to ask, 'You got something you want to say to me?' which prompted Gotti’s outburst." The judge, who said he didn't see Gotti mouth "I'll kill you," warned Junior that his behavior wasn't appropriate.

Alite had just testified that one of Gotti's uncles strangled a woman and denied being there during the murder. However, Gotti apparently believes that Alite was there, since he reportedly "nodded his head and softly said, 'You were there.'"