Basking in the glow of his fourth racketeering-and-murder mistrial, "Deadlock Don" John Gotti Jr. gave a few interviews while enjoying freedom in his Long Island home. He admitted to 1010WINS' Juliet Papa, "I'm a little off. For 16 months I was in a bed by myself and for 13 or 16 months I was in solitary confinement so I had quiet."

With WCBS 2, he was philosophical about not wanting his kids to get involved with the mob, "Especially with the name, we live in the Internet age - they go on and read about their grandfather. He was a dashing, debonair guy, a man's man - which is all true - charismatic, super intelligent man, a leader amongst men; and they say, 'Dad, that's a man.' Most people don't know this - that my father died choking on his own vomit and blood, handcuffed to a bed, in solitary confinement. I have to explain that to my sons, you know, this is the end result."

For the Post, Gotti struck a classic pose in his velour tracksuit and recalled his father again, "My father was a highly intelligent man. He used to tell me I was twice the man he was. And as a husband, father and brother, I was twice the man he was... By the time I was 13, my father had already spent nine years in prison." And he totally wants to move: "I can't control how people react to the Gotti name, but I can control where I live," saying he was considering the Florida panhandle or "Carolina."