2007_06_donsized.jpgJohn Gotti Jr., son of Gambino mob boss John Gotti and long suspected of still being in the mob (even though his last trial ended in a mistrial) tells the Post he's moving out of New York because he's a bit cash-strapped. The Post touts his "don-sizing" of his Oyster Bay mansion - we wonder if any mob lore fans will want to buy Gotti's 1.96 acre home. Gotti Jr. said, "We're going to move out east at first [within Long Island so his son can finish high school], and then, in a year, to Florida or South Carolina, where it's cheaper." Watch out, Dirty South!

Junior claims that legal fees from his many trials have caused him financial difficulties. Well, that's what happens when you try to kill Guardian Angel Curtis Sliwa - karma gets you back! However, when Gotti had previously claimed he was in the poorhouse, the feds have "scoffed at the poverty act, countering that he had been receiving a monthly income of $17,000 to $21,000 from commercial rental properties since he was jailed in 1999 for 77 months on other racketeering charges." And there was about $25 million in "ill-gotten gains" (PDF) mentioned last year - it's not clear what happened to them.

According to brokers the Post spoke to, Gotti "stands to make a killing" for his 4-bedroom, 3.5-bath Colonial, which has a pool, Jacuzzi, wine cellar, horse barn, and surveillance camera wiring. He may need it - after prosecutors decided not to go after him for a fourth time, Sliwa said he would sue Gotti Jr.