As mentioned yesterday, Thursday's record-breaking rainfall for a single June day (2.3 inches) puts NYC within striking distance of breaking 2003's record June rainfall of 10.23 inches—and we've got almost two weeks to go. The NY Times created a graph of the wettest summers on record (but if you want to know the driest summer on record, you'll need our graph) and points out that if it stopped raining this month, June 2009 would still be the 7th wettest summer on record (and that doesn't even include today's rainfall!). Not to worry, more rain is on the way—we'll definitely hit at least 4th place!

The Times also waxes about the sensory overload the rain has caused so far, "This week, subways smelled like sweaty locker rooms, and riders openly seethed. Dog runs were as quiet as dark alleys as their usual guests stayed home, urinating on rugs. Stinky brimstone steam rose from manholes. The spokes of millions of cheap umbrellas on crowded sidewalks lurched at passing eyeballs, as if seeking to skewer them." The Times dubs the rain-caused cabin fever rain rage and perhaps not so coincidentally also found that Zicam was in short supply while Weight Watchers reported membership gains.

While we have that "woe is me and my rainy June" attitude, to be fair, at least we didn't get socked with 4.5 inches of rain yesterday the way Chicago did (crazy video included).