Yesterday afternoon, a twenty-six year-old suicidal man attempted to take his life by jumping nine stories off his 45th Street apartment building, but was saved by a post-blizzard pile of trash that had been collecting all week. And apparently it was an even closer call than expected. The 100-bag trash heap had reportedly been kept in the apartment building's basement all week, and had just been brought up to the street on Sunday morning. One neighbor said, “I can’t believe the garbage broke his fall. I guess the trash saved the guy."

Vangelis "Angelo" Icapatos (or Kapatos) had reportedly been troubled by the threat of eviction, and his family said he had recently been released from psychiatric treatment after suffering a nervous breakdown in Housing Court last month. Sources also say that before he jumped he slit his throat with a knife. Another said he had previously attempted to hang himself. Icapatos is currently in critical but stable condition at Bellevue Hospital after landing on his back.