Well, that was a cute little heat wave, don't you think? Three straight days above 90 degrees. Why, that hasn't happened since back in August of aught-nine.

Despite a few instances of threatening skies the last few days, and a tornado as close as Bridgeport, almost no rain has fallen on the city in more than a week. Looking back, more than half the rain that's fallen in the last four months occurred in the record wet March. Since then rainfall has been about a quarter to a third less than normal. Don't worry, the city's reservoirs still have plenty of water in them.

There's almost no chance of rain in the immediate future. The air mass behind yesterday's cold front is mighty dry. High pressure over the Great Lakes has dropped the dew point to the lower 40s, giving us crystal clear skies. Today will be the first cooler than normal day in nearly two weeks with a high in near 80. More of the same is expected tomorrow and Friday. Temperatures are likely to crawl back into the lower 90s by Independence Day as the high slides eastward.