July 2010 tried to party like it was 1999 but at 81.3 degrees it fell a tenth of a degree short. Still, being the second warmest month ever recorded in Central Park is quite an accomplishment. The graph above includes every month since January 1869. The coldest month, February 1934 was more than sixty degrees colder than last month. Brrrr.

Today's a pretty average day for early August thanks to high pressure hanging out around Cape Cod. Over the next few days that high will move out to sea. As a result the temperature will return to about 90 by Wednesday or Thursday.

Thanks to a series of minor upper level disturbances there will be a slight chance of widely scattered showers and thunderstorms through Thursday night. The stickiest day, and the best chance for a good storm will be on Wednesday. High pressure looks like it will sweep into town on Friday, giving us a dry weekend.