It was rainy during the Macy's Fourth of July Fireworks Spectacular, but that didn't stop the breathtaking event that rumbled and lit up the sky. The rain may have even scared off some spectators, though there were still plenty who wanted great views of the 40,000-shell extravaganza. From the Daily News:

One actual kid, Flory Joseph, 8, of the upper West Side, gave her mom an I-told-you-so look and said, "She didn't even want to come because it was pouring." Mother Meg Joseph, 51, shrugged and conceded, "It was worth it. It is the greatest show on Earth."

And in spite of the city's warning about illegal fireworks, the police did arrest many who were using them. In fact, five police oficers were injured while trying to break up some illegal fireworks going off on a street in Staten Island; WABC 7 reports that when the police approached a 25-year-old man setting off fireworks, 50-60 neighbors "quickly descended on them." About 28 people were arrested.

Mayor Bloomberg marched in Staten Island's Travis Fourth of July parade, where he said, "It's a great day for the United States, a day to remind ourselves about our freedoms."


There are some incredible photographs taken by readers on Flickr. Here are a few sets we've seen so far - TomVu's set from Brooklyn, fresh bread's set and i'mjustsayin's set over the East river- and keep checking the "gothamist" and "fireworks" tags because people have been uploading them.


Top photograph by TomVu on Flickr; middle photograph by fresh bread on Flickr and bottom photograph by i'mjustsayin on Flickr