2007_04_judyg.jpgAfter your eyes adjust from the clutter of baseball coverage and win-millions-type games, you may notice that Judith Giuliani, the woman the former mayor says would make a "wonderful first lady," is on the covers of both the Post and Daily News. Congratulations on the exacta, Judi!

The Daily News manages to find Judi's first husband, the previously unexamined Jeffrey Ross whose existence was only revealed two weeks ago. Ross, who lives in Tampa, agrees with Rudy and said, "The only thing I will say is that Judith will make a terrific First Lady. That's my only comment on her." The News calls Ross "reclusive" and classy, noting he also said, "Our marriage ended very amicably, and I have only very happy and fond memories of our lives together during that time. I have no further comments."

However, the Post goes for the jugular, digging up dirt on Judi's former employer. Animal activists say that U.S. Surgical Corp. conducted medical stapling demonstration on dogs, which were later killed, during sales calls during the 1970s - which is when Judi Giuliani worked there. A Giuilani campaign spokesperson told the Post she "had not been involved in procuring dogs for sales demonstrations - but did not comment on whether she participated in demonstrations involving dogs."