Last weekend, a Russian tourist decided to climb the Brooklyn Bridge all the way up to the tower on the Brooklyn side, literally just because he thought it would be "fun." So as penance, Judge ShawnDya Simpson literally wants him to clean the Brooklyn Bridge, which we're sure would be tons of fun.

And the judge was actually doing him a favor in suggesting it: the district attorney’s office wanted to give Russian tourist Yaroslav Kolchin, 24, a 90-day jail sentence for taking selfies while climbing the Bridge. But Simpson thinks that's a bit too harsh, and instead wants him to perform "a bunch of community service."

"If he likes the bridge, then let him clean the bridge,” Simpson said in Brooklyn Criminal Court Friday. "I’m not condoning his behavior. Was it the smartest thing to do? No. Was it malicious? I don’t think so, so I think you need to work it out."

The police response to Kolchin, who was charged with reckless endangerment, criminal trespass and disorderly conduct for the incident, cost taxpayers $7,407, which included the use of a helicopter and two boats.

Sadly, sources tell the Post that it's unlikely that Simpson's decree will come to pass, since there's no program set up for cleaning the Bridge.