After suing their condo board over unsightly cell phone towers that were installed on their roof without their permission, residents of Salem House on East 81st Street have been ordered to suck it up. A judge ruled that T-Mobile may continue installing the towers, and that residents have "no basis to assume that the installation of these facilities will cause harm to the users of the roof." But what of their beautiful roof deck?!

The suit claimed the towers were located "only feet away from outdoor terraces of the penthouse units," and that they were surrounded by warning signs that totally clashed with the roof-deck's design aesthetics. Residents were also worried about possible harm from radiation, though studies have yielded no clear proof that the towers could be harmful to residents' health. T-Mobile most likely needs the project to continue, since they are frequently rated as having some of the worst cell phone coverage in the city; their website rates Upper East Side coverage as between "Good" and "Moderate." Though the UES has pretty bad cell service no matter what.