A State Supreme Court judge has tossed a lawsuit filed by a former NYC firefighter who was trying to stop a mosque and community center from being constructed a couple of blocks from the site of the World Trade Center attacks. You may recall this mosque from last summer, when conservatives were going batshit crazy over it, holding ugly, xenophobic demonstrations and ranting on blogs about "Islamic supremacists who seek to desecrate the sacred ground of Ground Zero with a 15-story mega-mosque in a building destroyed in the 911 attacks." Oh, actually, that quote is from today.

Anyway, the lawsuit, filed by Pat Robertson's astroturf group the American Center for Law and Justice on behalf of ex-firefighter Timothy Brown, argued that the Landmarks Preservation Commission was guilty of "an abuse of discretion" in deciding not to grant landmark status to 45-47 Park Place, the site of a proposed Islamic center and mosque. Brown survived the 9/11 attack on the World Trade Center, but his two best friends and 93 other firefighters died.

The landing gear from one of the planes struck the roof of the building, and Brown, who has worked to achieve landmark status for other buildings damaged in the attack, argued that the landmarks commission "failed to account for this momentous historic event in a departure from administrative precedent." But in a decision issued Friday, Justice Paul G. Feinman, while agreeing that Brown was “an individual with a strong interest in preservation of the building," ruled that he lacked any special legal standing on its fate, the Times reports.

And so it seems the last legal barrier standing in the mosque's way has been removed! Now the only thing standing in its way is an almost complete lack of funding to build the thing.