A NJ school's suspension of a tenured teacher may turn into a termination if a judge's opinion has anything to say about it. An administrative law judge said that the Woodbridge Township School District has the power to fire James Lang, a popular teacher who allegedly called female students whores and said to one, as she bent over, that he'd "tap that."

My Central Jersey has details of Lang's alleged misbehavior:

• Calling a student “Jo-Jo the Ho-Ho” and a “dirty ho,” slang terms for a prostitute.

• Calling a student a whore and suggesting that she wear less clothing on dress-down day.

• Telling a female student who bent over to pick up a paper that he would “tap that.”

• Asking students during class whether they would be afraid if his “snake were in their bed.”

• Saying that a female student’s “mouth was fast and on the weekends it runs extra fast.”

• Telling his class that he used to watch students shower at a former job at a community center.

• Telling students that his supervisor, who now is principal of Woodbine Avenue School No. 23, had a bladder problem and that he saw her “out drinking and dancing.”

His behavior apparently frightened students from attending his classes.

Also, the district said Lang harassed another teacher, bombarding her with Facebook friend requests and telling her "he wanted to see her in a bathing suit and kiss another teacher."

According to My Central Jersey, the judge, Tiffany M. Williams, believed that claims and ruled that Lang “violated all standards of decency” and “contributed to a sexually demeaning environment” with his “grotesque and sexual” behavior": "He is not fit to lead in an educational institution among moldable young minds."

Lang is reportedly appealing the decision.