2008_06_google.jpgSelf-Googling may prompt you to sue for $100 million, but it doesn't mean the judge will allow the lawsuit to go forward. Yesterday, a Manhattan judge dismissed a doctor's lawsuit, which claimed his name was purposefully associated with porn sites by enemies as well as claimed he now can't stop self-Googling.

The would-be plaintiff, Dr. Arden Kaisman, had been sued by ex-employees for sexual harassment last year (he sent them emails with "sexually explicit images"), and Kaisman believes the three "conspired" to have his name associated with various porn sites, like ones for "swinging chubby plumpers" and "bisexual male erotic sex stories." Not only has his business has suffered, Kaisman said, "I find myself obsessed with 'Googling' my name.' The Internet, the great information equalizer, has been corrupted to hurt me.... I'm told I have an 'incurable Internet disease.'"

If you Google "Arden Kaisman," the first two pages of results mention in the context of medicine, testifying as medical expert in other court cases, or this lawsuit. After that, it does get a little crazy. And Pew Internet Life study last year found that 47% of Americans self-Google.