2005_03_photoid.jpgA judge ruled that Met Life can start moving towards a photo ID system for residents at Peter Cooper Village, BUT residents won't be barred from the building if they don't have a photo ID. Huh? This is like King Solomon cutting the baby in half, because Gothamist can just imagine some serious clashes between tenants without IDs and the management. This judge's order will stand until April 14, when the entire case is more fully addressed. The tenants had filed a suit, claiming that needing to have their photographs on ID cards was invasive - and dangerous if their Social Security numbers were put on them as well.

Here's the Stuyvesant Town-Peter Cooper Village Tenants' Association website; there's an emergency key card meeting this Saturday! And if you watch the NY1 segment about the issue from a week ago, you'll see that many of the tenants are, in fact, seniors. Plus, Gothamist's earlier post about the situation.