Taj Patterson, the fashion student who was beaten by a mob of Hasidic men in Williamsburg in 2013 and left blind in one eye as a result, has had his suit against the city thrown out by a judge over what they said was a lack of evidence.

According to the Post, federal judge Nicholas Garaufis ruled that there wasn't enough evidence for Patterson to proceed with his suit against the NYPD for allegedly taking the side of the Shomrim or discriminating against Patterson following the attack.

While Garaufis agreed that the accusations in Patterson's case were "troubling," the judge also ruled that he couldn't find any solid evidence that the NYPD treated the Orthodox neighborhood patrol group more favorably than Patterson.

Patterson, who's also suing the Williamsburg Safety Patrol, the Shomrim group involved in his attack, was trying to make the case that the NYPD's "deep and questionable ties" to the Shomrim led to the attack on him and the NYPD's initial attempts to bury the case.

According to the Daily News, the judge also ruled there was no evidence that two of the men who were charged in the attack were working as "state actors" working with the city. One of those men, Mayer Herskovic, is out of prison while he appeals his conviction for his role in the 2013 beating.