Interesting news for anyone who has jury duty coming up: Apparently, drinking while jurying is okay, while not really proper. Following up on the May story of a juror admitting to drinking while serving on the jury of a firefighter convicted of stealing from Ground Zero, a judge ruled the trial's guilty verdit cannot be thrown out, because "even the U.S. Supreme Court has ruled that jurors' consuming booze - or even drugs - during a trial does not constitute the kind of 'outside influence' that is the only basis for overturning a jury verdict." Defense lawyers said the judge's decision is "insane" and will appeal. One lawyer, speaking to the fact that the juror in question drank during deliberations (two-thirds of a 16 ounce bottle filled half with vodka, half with water), tells the NY Times, "Once a verdict is entered in court, it cannot be attacked based on waht went on in the deliberation room."

Appearing at jury duty drunk will probably ensure you won't serve, but Gothamist wouldn't recommend that. More information about jury duty in NYC at NY Juror. And there's a revival of the play, Twelve Angry Men (also known as Twelve Angry Jurors in more PC circles) on Broadway this fall, which stars some Broadway favorites such as Philip Bosco, Larry Bryggman, Boyd Gaines (Contact, but also TV's One Day At A Time) and James Rebhorn.