Crusading men's rights lawyer Roy Den Hollander has vowed to fight on in his battle to force Columbia University to drop its women’s studies program, after a magistrate judge’s recent recommendation to dismiss his case. You may recall Hollander from such previous hit lawsuits as the fight against ladies' nights and his suit against the federal government's Violence Against Women Act.

But what you might not know is that, according to the Columbia Spectator, Hollander's gender-based litigiousness began after he learned that the wife he brought to the U.S. from Russia was a prostitute connected with the Chechen mafia! A scuffle with her after this discovery is what ran him afoul of the Violence Against Women Act.

In August, Hollander filed his most recent lawsuit against Columbia University, arguing that feminism is a religion and that a women’s studies department inherently violates the First Amendment. He also maintains that the university is "in violation of the equal protection clause of the 14th Amendment," and insists that Columbia ought to offer an equivalent men’s studies program if it's going to use government funding.

in a press release, Hollander says, "The Magistrate Judge’s recommendations go to Judge Lewis A. Kaplan, who will decide whether to accept, reject or modify them—bet he accepts them, and then there will be an appeal to the Second Circuit. It’s not the law, and I like to think I’m not that masochistic."