The terrifying world those Prop 8 supporters worried about has arrived—judges are forcing loving, straight couples into divorce! Queens Supreme Court Justice Charles Markey is refusing to throw out one couple's divorce case, even though they say they've reconciled, because their divorce was wasting the court's time and money. The judge wrote, "The remedy for these former litigants is to make new vows and a fresh start by remarrying. The court ... congratulates the plaintiff and the defendant on their professed reconciliation."

The couple, whose names were not released, said they just want the divorce wiped from the records, mostly for religious stigma reasons. The husband said, "If we simply got remarried we would forever be aware that a divorce judgment still exists between us. But divorce lawyer Raoul Felder says the punishment fits the crime. "The courtroom is not a place for a judge to play marriage counselor on the public's dime...Particularly in bad economic times people can't play games with the system. They're trying to take a shortcut and that shouldn't be allowed." On top of that, the judge questions their reconciliation, as they still haven't moved back in with each other. Couldn't they just build a "divorce wall" and call it a day?