2006_05_ludakanye.jpgThere were amusing musical hijinks at the Daniel Patrick Moynihan U.S. Courthouse yesterday. During the lawsuit trial of NJ group IOF against Ludacris and Kanye West for allegedly stealing IOF's song, "Straight Like That," the judge asked Kanye to recite lyrics from the Luda-West collaboration, "Stand Up." Per the Post: West shot a grin at Ludacris before beginning, "How you ain't gonna f- - -." To which the judge blushed and said, "I'm sorry I asked. I think I'm just going to withdraw my question," and the jurors laughed. But we doubt IOF was laughing, as the group claims they sent demos to Kanye and Ludacris, who in turn say they never heard them. The hip hop stars' lawyer said, "There are scores of songs out there with the words 'like that' with that type of rhythm. They do not need to copy anyone's music." The trial is expected to last two weeks, and hiphopmusic notes Kanye's cockiness about the lawsuit.