Investigators have been searching for 7-year-old Patrick Alford since he vanished from foster care in East New York last Friday, and they think his mother knows where he is. So a judge ordered that 23-year-old Jennifer Rodriguez be detained at Rikers Island on contempt charges until the boy turns up. "I have the authority to hold her pending compliance with the court's order," said Staten Island Family Court Judge Terrence McElrath. "Did she comply with order to produce the child? No."

After Alford disappeared from his foster home almost a week ago, Rodriguez—who lost custody of her son and daughter Jaleen when she was arrested on theft charges—was overheard by a court officer saying that her aunt was taking care of the kid, according to the Post. And on her way out of court yesterday, she shouted at reporters: "Get me out of here—call my aunt, she has him, she knows where he is."

But the aunt, 51-year-old Blanca Toledo, told both police and the Daily News that she doesn't have the child. "My niece and I have a love and hate relationship," said Toledo, who claims Rodriguez is mad at her because she told authorities that Rodriguez was planning to "kidnap" the boy from foster care. "I guess she has nothing else to say." Alford was last seen near Starrett City in a red T-shirt, jeans, and black sneakers.