Despite protests from family claiming that 104-year-old heiress Huguette Clark is incapacitated and needs an independent guardian to look after her $500 million fortune, a Manhattan Judge ruled that her assets will continue to be managed by her lawyer and accountant.

Lawyer Wallace Bock, and accountant Irving Kamsler have been in charge of Clark's fortune for the past 20 years, but the Manhattan DA's office launched an investigation into whether or not the two were swindling funds from the elderly millionaire. But the judge called the family's concern's were "insufficient" to take control of the fortune. Bock says he has always carried out Clark's wishes, and says the family has been interfering with Clark's wish for privacy.

The family said in a statement, "We are disappointed that the court did not see fit to appoint an unbiased, independent evaluator to examine her circumstances, particularly in light of the numerous reports that raise serious questions about whether professionals...are taking advantage of her while at the same time they assert that they are honoring her wishes by keeping her isolated from her family."