2007_03_garson.jpgThat is absolutely going to be reversed. There is no way that stands. Alright lemme go take a pee...lemme make peepee... I wanna make peepee and poopie and pee pee...

Who's that? Why, it's Supreme Court Justice Gerald Garson, taped by the Brooklyn DA's office. Garson is on trial for accepting bribes from lawyers while presiding over divorce cases - and the accusations are incredible. The 74-year-old jurist, who is now suspended, allegedly accepted cash, cigars, meals and more from lawyers who wanted their clients to win. And how was Garson's side business discovered? When a woman wanted to get a "fixer" to bribe the judge because she wanted to win her divorce and child custody case... only to find out that her husband's lawyer already bribed Garson!

Frieda Haminov ended up "calling every law enforcement agency she could think of," according to CBS News, and ultimately got in touch with the Brooklyn DA's office. The DA's office started to observe Garson, put a camera in the judge's chambers, and found out that Garson would also allow the lawyers who bribed him to become children's law guardians (who are then paid either by the divorcing parents or taxpayers).

The Brooklyn DA's office got lawyer Paul Simonovsky to confess he had been paying off Garson and to cooperate against Garson. Back in 2004, Court TV posted a transcript and video of a conversation between Garson, Simonovsky, and an unknown male where Garson accepts money and cigars, along with giving Simonovsky advice. (It's also where we got the quote at the beginning of the post.) Garson's lawyer claims there's no evidence that the judge ever accepted a bribe - the money and cigars in the tape were provided to Simonovsky from the DA's office.