How low our judiciary has sunk! Back in the day, you had to ply judges with hookers and hot tubs to win in court; now they settle for cheap snack food: one judge's inability to say resist his favorite variety of popcorn has cost him $2,500 and his job. Alan Rubin, an administrative law judge assigned to the Parking Violations Bureau, has admitted that after dismissing a delivery driver's parking tickets, he accepted some popcorn from the guy as a thank-you present. Apparently, that's frowned upon.

In a press released obtained by the Times, the Conflicts of Interest Board announced that Rubin accepted "six to eight bags" of the stuff. Rubin has admitted, "After adjudicating the delivery driver's parking tickets, I told the delivery driver that the invoice named a brand of popcorn that I liked. The delivery driver then offered to give me popcorn for free, in appreciation of my having dismissed the delivery driver's tickets. I gave two bags of the popcorn to my grandson and brought the rest to my office at [the] Parking Violations Bureau to share with my colleagues."

Rubin had been making $39.47 an hour on a per-diem basis to work in the parking bureau; now that's all gone, as is his poor grandson's source of free popcorn.